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Man in pain after car crash“According to a recent discovery, an injury is being missed 45% of the time in auto accidents that may constitute malpractice and severely damage the injury claim and your health,” said Dr. Josh Morter.

Dr. Josh is a member of a select group of chiropractic doctors expertly trained and certified in cervical ligament injuries, concussions and vertebral fractures. “I am a contributing author along with several of my peers as we gather at training and collaborate to create educational material and research for our patients and legal representatives.”

Impact forces produce complex injury syndromes and Dr. Josh’s aim is to help patients and plaintiffs’ attorneys to better understand the mechanism of the forces that cause injury to the cervical spine and head during impact.

Dr. Josh & Team Are Here for You

Why Choose Us?

  • Dr. Josh is proud to have studied to acquire a very high level of skill and confidence in accident related cases.
  • Our staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated and eager to help with your treatment and injury claim processing.
  • Our patients know that when they choose our office, they can feel good that they have made the right decision.

Our patient satisfaction rating has been consistently high and our patients realize that we care about them and we are thoroughly knowledgeable in auto accident related treatment and case representation. This is based not only on our successful treatment and resolve of a patient’s condition and claim representation but also because people need to know their doctor cares about them as much as he is knowledgeable about their injuries.

Our Certifications

How G-Forces Relate to the Diagnosis of Accident Related Trauma Injuries of the Head and Neck: Trained in the physics of auto accidents, including G forces and the effects of impact from the medical viewpoints of; physical, somatic, emotional & behavioral impairments.  A review of the variables in the mechanisms of; side, rear, front and oblique impacts and the forces that can be transferred to the occupants of the vehicle causing damage to the spine structures.

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Ligament Injury Institute, Tampa, FL 2018

Significance of Spinal Anatomy and Tissue Damage to the Delicate Structures in Accident Related Trauma Injuries of the Head and Neck: The anatomy of the cervical spine, including the role of mechanoreceptors, proprioceptors and nociceptors in the function of the spine. How the ligaments, tendons, facets and discs respond to the impact and the damages that are caused.  

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Ligament Injury Institute, Tampa, FL 2018

Understanding AMA Guides in the Diagnosis of Accident Related Trauma Injuries of the Head and Neck: Trained in the AMA Guidelines for the diagnosis of AOMSI (Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity). In-depth analysis of the ligamentous structures of the cervical spine, traumatically induced, with focus on the 7 main ligaments that are damaged in a cervical-acceleration/deceleration injury of the head and neck. Employing the exact protocol of the AMA Guides for Permanent Impairment Ratings. 

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Ligament Injury Institute, Tampa, FL 2018

Diagnosing Concomitant Injuries in the Presence of Accident Related Trauma Injuries of the Head and Neck: Trained to diagnose injuries that accompany cervical acceleration/deceleration that cause permanent impairment to the spine. The concomitant injuries include AOMSI, Uncinate Process Fractures, MTBI, Posterior Cervical Sympathetic Syndrome, Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency, Stress & Anxiety Disorders, Fear & Avoidance Disorders: An Overview Of The Clinical Testing Required For Diagnosis And Evaluation of Trauma Injuries.

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Ligament Injury Institute, Tampa, FL 2018

Certified in the Injury Model Examination Protocol: Trained to utilize the “Concierge Injury Intake Triage Questionnaire” and perform the “1191M Impairment Rating by Attending Physician, 1-3 Body Parts, Standard, Performed at Discharge”.  A high-level assessment protocol designed to accompany the “Injury Model” of Assessment of injured parties. 

Accident Works of America
Clearwater, FL.

Certified In Electronic Medical Record Injury System: Trained in Zeusclaim, impairment rating medical record system designed to diagnose and treat injured parties. Capable of Clinical Decision Support System incorporating “Haptic-Logic” to assemble Decision Points and Value Drivers in the correct terminology, sequence and format to exchange complex data, interface and input added valuation into an injury claim.

Zeusclaim, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
St Petersburg, FL

  • Certified as Impairment Rating Attending Physician
  • Certified in Injury Model Examination Protocol
  • Certified in Electronic Medical Injury Record System
  • Certified by Ligament Injury Institute

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When you’re involved in an accident, there is accompanying stress and anxiety over your injuries, your future prognosis and the implications that arise from insurance issues. “I have trained in the medical-legal aspects of trauma medicine and will treat you and your injuries with the highest care possible and process your case according to the highest standards so be confident that you are in caring hands and thank you for trusting me,” said Dr. Josh.

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