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Before coming to Dr. Josh, I suffered from excruciating neck and low back pain. It affected every part of my life. I hurt to move. I tried cortisone shots, meds, and exercises. Dr. Josh’s specific care is AWESOME! I feel so much better, and my pain is gone! I love Morter Family Chiropractic.

– Darla

I have had severe scoliosis for the past 11 years and I deal with pain every single day. It has made all aspects of my life more difficult. I have tried so many other doctors, spine specialists, and chiropractors before finding Dr. Josh. I knew that I needed chiropractic care because that always seemed to work before. Seeing a chiropractor helps manage the pain and helps me live life more freely. Dr. Josh has been the best chiropractor I have seen by far! I have been to several and he is most definitely the best. He truly listens to all the concerns that I have and does everything he can to help. The team is always kind and helpful. I feel at home and comfortable while I am in the office.

– Summer

My entire back and right leg were in tremendous constant pain. I could not sit for a long time at all. I was limited to what I could do because of the pain. Dr. Josh has changed my life in 2 months. I can move, sit, stand for lengths at a time and maintain a level of pain that is not bad. Dr. Josh and his team are wonderfully caring and extremely professional. They pay attention to detail and are thorough in their explanation of my treatments. Everyone listens to your specific problems so that they can offer solutions.

– Regina

I had hip pain that caused difficulty in sleeping and walking when I came to see Dr. Josh. I have tried different stretches and pain relievers, but it only solved the problem temporarily. Since I came to Morter Family Chiropractic I have had amazing results, I can finally sleep and walk without pain. Dr. Josh and his team are so friendly and welcoming. They have even helped to watch my daughter during treatment and have a great relationship with her too.

– Janine

I started coming to see Dr. Josh because of lower back and hip issues. It affected me in ways that I could not do any of those things, family activities, exercises, or have a social life because of pain. So far, my results have been unreal. This experience has been amazing. I am feeling 75% better and working out just almost 7 weeks in. I like the honesty of Dr. Morter – he tells you the truth about what he can do. That means a lot and Assistant Jessica is the best, she has a great personality!

– Lonnie

I came in for my lower back and leg pain. I could not sit for longer than 10 minutes without discomfort. Any distance walking would cause more pain and I could not sleep on my back or sides without discomfort. I tried over-the-counter pain meds, heating pads and even had vein surgery and the pain was still there and getting worse. Since seeing Dr. Josh, I can do everything I enjoy, walking, hiking, and reading with little discomfort. I can now sit/travel for long periods of time with little to no pain. I can sleep on my back and side again allowing much better sleep. I have loved my care with Dr. Josh and his staff. Everyone is extremely helpful and always explains everything in detail. Coming to Dr. Josh has improved my quality of health.

– Jodi

I came to Dr. Josh to get some relief for my neck and lower back pain caused by sitting at my computer and doing daily chores. I had tried prescription medication, physical therapy, and surgery before coming to Dr. Josh. I had to have surgery a few years ago for disc issues but I was also still suffering from stiffness before seeing Dr. Josh. Since coming to Morter Family Chiropractic, I have more energy, less pain, better sleep, and my mood has improved. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They remember patients’ names and take time to get to know you. They make time for each patient and really make it a personalized experience.

– Ashley W.

My TMJ pain was so intense that I could barely chew food and was in pain almost constantly. I have tried other chiropractors, massage therapy, physical therapy, pain medicine, and acupuncture. All have provided some relief, but the pain would always come back. My pain levels are very much minimal now and I have been able to chew salads again. Something I have not done in years! I find Dr. Josh and everyone at Morter Family Chiropractic to be extremely helpful!

– Becky

I have struggled with back pain for many years due to my strenuous jobs I held dealing with horses. Some days it has affected how much I can do with my kids, and it makes it uncomfortable to sleep. I have been to general doctors before and was given muscle relaxers/pain relief. That was only a temporary “fix.” I have also been to physical therapy, which helped me more, but I would still have recurring problems with nerve pain. I wish I would have started chiropractic care sooner. It has provided me amazing results and relief. I am so glad a friend referred me to Morter Family Chiropractic. My experience has been wonderful! Dr. Josh and his entire team are awesome, attentive, and caring. My visits have improved my quality of life and I am learning how to stretch and take better care of myself at home. I highly recommend anyone to come to see Dr. Josh.

– Ashley