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Before coming to see Dr. Josh my lower back pain kept me limited at work and my golf game suffered. Since coming to see Dr. Josh my back pain has improved, and I have noticed more flexibility with my swing. The office staff is probably the friendliest and accommodating group I have ever dealt with. There is a culture here.

– Shawn

I originally came to Dr. Josh because of my migraines, hypertension, and stress. I was miserable and missing several days a month of work due to debilitating migraines. I was also experiencing high blood pressure and stress at home. I consistently felt horrible and very much lacked the energy to do my day-to-day tasks. Since undergoing treatment with Dr. Josh, I have had wonderful results! My migraines are all but gone. My blood pressure is now under control. I have even lost some weight and so much more energy. It has changed my life! I LOVE Morter Family Chiropractic. Dr. Josh has fixed me and my husband. We will continue to see him for maintenance. He has absolutely changed my life. I feel like I am back to my old self again. The whole staff is wonderful.

– Dawn

Before coming to Morter Family Chiropractic I suffered from chronic pain and stiffness in my lower back and hips which caused me to have decreased motivation and it negatively affected my mood. I had tried stretching and would take Ibuprofen when the pain was severe. Since coming to see Dr. Josh the discomfort and pain have decreased, and my moods have improved. Dr. Josh and his staff are very personable. They are easy to talk to and are always genuinely concerned with their patients. Dr. Josh is informative and is sure to explain exactly what he is doing while he is doing it.

When I first came to Dr. Josh, I was suffering from low back pain, knee pain, and stiffness. I had tried taking Ibuprofen and stretching. Since coming to Dr. Josh, I have had much less pain, more freedom of movement, I have gained strength in my hip, and my stiffness has decreased significantly. Dr. Josh and his staff treat you like family and genuinely care about your well-being.

– Billie

I was so down in my back that I could not walk or stand due to the pain. I went to another doctor who sent me to the pain clinic. Then my daughter’s personal trainer told her to take me to see Dr. Josh. Dr. Josh has made me a different person. I had never been to a chiropractor. I honestly had never thought much of them. Dr. Josh has proved me wrong. His entire staff is wonderful. They are more like family. I would recommend Dr. Josh.

– Dewalene

After working from home for a month, my body started rebelling! My spine was grinding, and I had shooting pain down to my hips. My family was worried. Now I can be carefully active again. My son and I are working out together and I can cook dinner for my family again. I am getting my life back! The Morter team is amazing. I was scared and every one of them eased my fears and encouraged me along the way.

– Meredith

Before coming to see Dr. Josh I suffered from unbelievably bad low back pain. At the end of the workday, I could not walk, and it also kept me from sleeping at night. I was taking Motrin but knew it was a temporary relief. I am so much better since seeing Dr. Josh for chiropractic care. It is rare that I experience pain after work, and I sleep so much better. I honestly did not think chiropractic care could work but it has done wonders for me! The staff is very flexible with my schedule and Dr. Josh has been wonderful.

– Rebecca

I had severe neck pain and was taking Aleve every 4 hours. The pain made it difficult to work and play with my grandchildren. I was completely unable to do any of my hobbies and sleeping was exceedingly difficult. Today my neck pain is gone, and I do things I could not previously do. The treatment Dr. Morter has done has worked. These people are wonderful! Everything is explained before treatment. They listen to you and talk to you – not at you. I would recommend seeing Dr. Morter and his staff to everyone in pain.

– Dana

My boyfriend referred me to Dr. Josh. I had tried chiropractic care years ago but did not follow through with care. Since then, my neck and back pain had intensified. So much so, sitting and standing for more than a few minutes was extremely difficult and I was starting to suffer from headaches. Since dropping out of my previous care, I had just been trying to self-maintain by using heating pads and hot baths to help with the pain. Since coming to see Dr. Josh, I sleep better, have more energy, and have less pain. I am not at 100% yet but I still have a few weeks left in my corrective care recommendation. I have seen enough results for myself that I recommend anyone and everyone to come see Dr. Josh. I have great respect for everyone in the office. It is an amazing cohesive environment where everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. This practice offers more than just chiropractic care which is also very cool too.